Request A Sample

Thank you for choosing Titan Frozen Fruit.  We are primarily a strawberry processor for retail food and beverage manufacturers as well as the food service industry.  We provide bench quantity samples to assist with your formulation requirements.  For your convenience, we have provided the form below to process your sample request.  

Please note:  Titan’s products are manufactured in industrial and food service volumes and packaging and are subject to minimum order quantities. For more information regarding our minimum orders, please contact our Sales team at (805) 201-2234 .

Our standard shipping days are Monday – Thursday; your sample will typically ship within 5-7 business days from the date requested for standard inventory items. Please allow for more time on any non-standard sample items.  For any new R&D samples please contact customer service for approximate timelines.

For Custom Formulation Requests please Contact Us and a representative will discuss your request with you. Standard sample size is 1 lb. If you need a larger sample size please indicate below and provide your FedEx or UPS shipping account number.