Research and Development

At Titan our aim is to find innovative solutions to meet our customer’s unique needs and requirements. With our 40+ years of experience developing fruit ingredients we feel confident we can meet the customer’s target of flavor profile, texture, color, nutrition and stability.  Our expertise lays not only in our knowledge of fruit, but our ability to choose the optimum process (frozen, pasteurized or aseptic).  Sharing our knowledge and capabilities to help our customers achieve the best possible outcome for their projects is our goal. 

Whether it is a line extension, matching project or a custom recipe for a finished product let our R&D Team create a custom ingredient solution for your next project!


Clean Label

Titan can formulate to your specific ingredient requirements such as organic, non GMO, color/flavor options, stabilizer choices etc. 

Cost Savings

We can help you achieve logistical and ingredient savings by combining several ingredients and/or utilizing concentrates. 


Let our innovative team create the perfect ingredient solution for your needs. 

We invite you to put Titan to work for you!
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