Our Commitment

Food Safety and Quality Policy

Titan Frozen Fruit makes a commitment to its customers by ensuring that all ingredients produced are safe and of the highest quality.  Titan’s culture supports the continuous evaluation of our processes to identify opportunities for improvement in the interest of meeting or exceeding customer expectations and government regulations.  

We will accomplish this through full utilization of our HACCP and Quality Programs and providing our employees with the necessary resources, including information and training to successfully ensure the safety of and quality of our products.  In addition, where improvements to our facility and processing equipment can contribute to accomplishing these goals, we will invest in making these changes and strive for continuous improvement.  




From its inception, Titan Frozen Fruit has embraced Sustainability from the design and equipment used in our processing facilities to the practices utilized out in the Strawberry fields.  From water conservation to energy use, embracing Sustainability has always been an important consideration for Titan.