Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)
and Block Quick Frozen (BQF) Strawberries

Conventional and Organic
Pack styles include Whole, Sliced and Diced
Available with or without sugar and stabilizer systems
Available as pasteurized or unpasteurized
Standard packaging types are retail poly bags, foodservice tubs, cases, pails, drums and totes

Frozen Pasteurized or Aseptic Single Strength and Concentrated Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry Purees

Conventional and Organic
Available as seedless or with seeds
Can be with packed with or without sugar
Standard packaging types are food service tubs, pails, drums and totes

State-of-the-art processing facilities

Our processing facilities are designed to produce a wide range of pack styles including Individually Quick Frozen (IQF), Block Frozen (BQF), Pasteurized Single Strength Puree and Puree Concentrate, both conventional and organic.

The Highest Quality Standards

We offer the highest quality Strawberry products produced under a rigorous quality system to ensure both premium color and flavor without compromising food safety.


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